General Information:

Its location can be described as 200 km southeast of Istanbul, 270 km northwest of Ankara and 65 km south of the city of Sakarya. Its estimated 2002 population was 9220, and it was composed of 4 neighborhoods and 22 village settlements. Its situation can also be described as 28 km west of Goynuk-Bolu, 34 km east of Geyve, and 30 km north of Golpazari-Bilecik.
    Of the total land area of 334 km2, 20% is agricultural area, 60% is forest area, 10% is grassland and 10% is settlement area. Tarakli has an altitude of 450 m above sea level and the town periphery is mountainous and hilly. On these mountains and hills, some important plateaus such as Karagol Plateau, are located. Goynuk River and Aksu River flow through Tarakli and they meet out of the district and reach Sakarya River.
    Although, Tarakli is located in Marmara Region, a terrestrial climate is felt throughout the district because of highlands. Winters are snowy and freezing, summers are hot and dry but it is rainy in spring and autumn.
    The majority of Tarakli's landscape is forest area. Fruit growing is widespread on the plain lands, and it is also a major economic activity for local people.
    Due to economic woes, migration from the district has become inevitable and as a result of this situation, population density of Tarakli has been one of the lowest examples compare to other districts of Sakarya.