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With the intention of recalling, with the 40th anniversary of earthquake, the the intervention in Basilicata of the Photogrammetric Unit of the Urban Police of Bari,
were published online, in audiobook format, with text written in Italian and read in English, the volume the stereophotogrammetric survey , Levante Editore, 1983
and the special edition of the magazine "a municipal police" on the stereophotogrammetric survey of road accidents , Levante Editore, January 1980,
in order to illustrate the technique used by the police to carry out the surveys, reported here, of the monuments damaged by the Irpinia earthquake.
"The documentation of the cultural heritage is not for the few and nobody can delegate it.
It is important that we teach it and give the tools, then it is the story that will speak about our culture
1985: University of Bari - Puglia Region Agreement for the start of the census and cataloging of the Cultural Heritage of Puglia
2008: letter to the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Press review
1986 RAI service of 16 April on the conference Photogrammetry and project

2006 RAI service of 24 February on the conference from Cartography to GIS

1980 intervention of the Photogrammetric Unit of the Bari City Police in Basilicata

1980 photogrammetric surveys in Venice on behalf of the Municipality

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